Seriously Dating or Engaged and Desiring a Godly Marriage?

This is the perfect course for you!

Do you feel like you’ve found the One but not sure how to take your relationship to the next level?

Are you wanting to make sure you do it the right way but don’t really know what that looks like because you’ve never seen or been taught it before?

Are you filled with fear and anxiety as you think about making that lifelong commitment?

Let’s be real, a lot of us haven’t witnessed what a godly and fulfilling marriage looks like. We all, however, have seen or heard about a lot of not so healthy marriages. Maybe your parents went through a nasty divorce when you were little. Maybe you went through one before and are wanting to do things differently but afraid that you’ll make the same mistakes.

Don’t let fear or worry keep you from experiencing one of the most beautiful gifts from God. It is possible to have a godly marriage that thrives and is long-lasting. You and your significant other both have to want it and make up in your minds that you will do whatever it takes to have it.

That's why we’ve created this course: to help equip couples who desire to have a completely fulfilling and God-honoring marriage. So even if you’ve never seen a healthy marriage, it is still possible for you to have one. Won’t you and your significant other begin this course to potentially become
Completely Married?
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The Premarried Course Like No Other

you both won't want to miss how to...

  • Discover two major keys to help protect your relationship

  • Set your relationship up for a successful and fulfilling marriage

  • Master communication and conflict resolution in your relationship

  • Divorce-proof your future marriage by understanding God's purpose for marriage

  • Identify issues that could potentially harm your future marriage

  • Prepare to become the godly husband or wife your significant other needs

  • Obtain a marriage beyond what you both could ever desire

Here's the Course Outline

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome: A Message From Your Instructors

    • How To Use This Course

    • Course Overview

    • Course Syllabus

    • #CompletelyMarriage: Journey to the Altar and Beyond eBook

  • 2

    Secrets To Safeguarding Your Relationship

    • Video Lesson: Secrets To Safeguarding Your Relationship

    • Lesson One Self-Assessment

  • 3

    Setting Your Relationship Up For Success

    • Video Lesson: Setting Your Relationship Up For Success

    • Lesson Two Self-Assessment

  • 4

    Mastering Conflict In Your Relationship

    • Video Lesson: Mastering Conflict In Your Relationship

    • Lesson Three Self-Assessment

  • 5

    Let's Talk About Sex

    • Video Lesson: Let's Talk About Sex

    • Lesson Four Self-Assessment

  • 6

    Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage

    • Video Lesson: Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage

    • Lesson Five Self-Assessment

  • 7

    Preparing To Be A Husband Or A Wife

    • Introduction: Preparing To Be A Husband Or A Wife

    • Video Lesson: Preparing To Be A Husband

    • His: Lesson Six Self-Assessment

    • Video Lesson: Preparing To Be A Wife

    • Her: Lesson Six Self-Assessment

  • 8

    Planning For Your Ultimate Marriage

    • Video Lesson: Planning For Your Ultimate Marriage

    • Lesson Seven Self-Assessment

  • 9

    Keys To Having A "Beyond" Marriage

    • Video Lesson: Keys To Having A "Beyond" Marriage

    • Lesson Eight Self-Assessment

  • 10

    Next Steps...

    • Survey

    • More resources for you

Meet Your Instructors:
Damien and Kenady Nash

We Invested In Our Relationship to Become
Completely Married

When Kenady and I became a couple, we knew we did not want to play any games or waste any time. We weren't trying to rush to the altar, but we also didn't want to let fear or foolishness extend our relationship longer than what it needed to be. We had enough of that in our past experiences. Kenady and I were very intentional to have a relationship that honored God and that would lead to either a healthy marriage or a healthy break up, if it wasn't what God desired for us. (Thankfully, as you can see, it led to marriage. Praise God!) While dating, we ended up journaling what we learned from our mentors, pastors, godly friends, personal experiences, and even the Bible on how to lay a good foundation for a godly marriage. That journal actually turned into our book #CompletelyMarried: Journey to the Altar and Beyond that we published on our 1-year wedding anniversary! We received so much positive feedback on how impactful and insightful the book was from those who were seriously dating/engaged and even married, that we decided to turn it into a course to dive deeper in many of those principles. It is our heart that we can help as many couples as possible journey to become Completely Married and start a legacy of healthy, godly marriages. Won't you join us?!

Completely Married Book

What are people saying about the book behind the course?

"Completely Married is a MUST HAVE tool for anyone looking to have a successful marriage. The authors do an amazing job at breaking down key concepts in marriage that can cause challenges and sometimes lead to divorce. My wife and I have been counseling couples for years and we give Completely Married to couples looking to take that next step..." (Five Star Amazon Review)

"#CompletelyMarried is an awesome read. Very informative and wise advice for anyone young or old desiring marriage. It lines up with the Bible and it will bless you. Loved it so much. I would recommend it to all the singles and married alike. Wow" (Five Star Amazon Review)

"Great practical advice if you are looking to prepare for a relationship or seeking to improve your relationship. Highly recommended for singles and dating couples, easy to read and impactful insights!!" (Five Star Amazon Review)

"Damien & Kenady nailed it! This book is full of wisdom, truth and conviction with funny stories sprinkled throughout. I highly recommend purchasing this if you’re preparing for marriage or as a ‘refresher’ if already married. So encouraging!" (Amazon Five Star Review)

Here's How We Can Help You Optimize Your Course Experience...

  • Learn Critical Relationship Skills

    Learning various critical biblical principles and practices can ensure a much higher quality marriage upfront. Rather than stumbling over common mistakes, most couples make early, we'll teach you valuable tools that will help prevent you from constantly having to do damage control. 

  • Take Powerful Self-Assessments

    Our self-assessments are designed for you to get honest with yourself and your relationship. We ask evaluative and relevant questions to get to the heart of any issues or potential issues you might have in your relationship. We want to expose any unhealthy habits that could cause unfavorable results.

  • Gain Exclusive Access

    After you complete the course, you will have an opportunity to walk alongside us in our private coaching sessions at an exclusive rate. We understand every relationship is different and during these sessions, we will explore solutions to your relationship questions, biblically.


  • Who is the course for?

    This course was created for seriously dating or engaged couples who want to make sure they are ready to marry "the One". This course could also be implemented as a premarital class for churches who currently are looking to create classes to help their members to pursue Godly relationships. Although singles could benefit from this course, we highly recommend going through the Completely Single Course and wait to take this course once you are in a serious relationship to get the most out of it.

  • What type of course is this?

    This is a Do It At Your Own Pace digital course. This course is built around a Christian viewpoint and biblical principles in regards to marriage. The creators of this course believe that all relationship success hinges on how we view God and if we have a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.

  • Do I need to purchase this course twice, one for each person?

    No. This course covers the price for the couple. Please email us with your significant other's email address and we will enroll them into the course.

    (If you are a church staff member please contact us at [email protected]. We have developed a plan on how to seamlessly implement this course into your Church.)

  • Does this price include a copy of the book?

    This course includes a non-downloadable digital version of the book. If you would like a hard copy, you can purchase it from Amazon.

  • Does this course offer refunds?

    This course is 100% digital so there are no refunds. There are a few reasons why we decided to go this route. (1) We believe that if you are truly serious about your relationship you will invest in it. (2) We also believe in commitment. And you will definitely need that in your relationship. What a great way to continue practicing commitment by committing to doing this course with your significant other. So are you ready to take a leap of faith? Are you committed? If so, this course is for you!

  • Do I still need premarital counseling after taking this course?

    Yes! This is a supplemental course that gives you more tools and skills to help you prepare for marriage. We do encourage you to still take premarital counseling at your local/ home church or a certified licensed counselor before getting married.

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