Are You Ready for the Right One?

You have to BE the right one FOR the right one

Be honest. If God sent you the "one" today, would you be ready for him/her? Or would you potentially sabotage the relationship and cause more harm than good? Truth is a lot of us are dealing with baggage from past relationships and toxic cycles that we need to deal with before stepping foot into another relationship. If this is you, you've found the perfect course. Join us as we will help you discover how to be whole, healthy and Completely Single before finding the right one!

A Singles Course Like No Other

Don't miss out on how to...

  • Overcome lies of the enemy and fears of being alone forever

  • Break toxic habits and cycles that are harming your relationships

  • Unearth areas in your life that you can begin to flourish in today

  • Establish new boundaries to protect your soul and prevent trespassers

  • Discover your purpose and gifts God has given you

  • Master the art of R.E.S.T. as you wait for God's Best

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome From Your Instructors: Damien and Kenady

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Digital Copy of #CompletelySingle Book

    • #CompletelySingle: Book

  • 3

    What To Expect

    • What To Look Forward To

  • 4

    Module 1: Time to Uproot

    • Intro

    • Module 1: Session 1: Overcoming Loneliness

    • Module 1: Session 1: Self Assessment

    • Action Step

    • Intro

    • Module 1: Session 2: Breaking Habits and Cycles

    • Module 1: Session 2: Self Assessment

    • Action Step

  • 5

    Module 2: Time to Plant

    • Intro

    • Module 2: Session 1: Promoted to Manager

    • Module 2: Session 1: Self Assessment

    • Action Step

    • Intro

    • Module 2: Session 2: Boundaries or Bondage, Your Choice

    • Module 2: Session 2: Self Assessment

    • Action Step

  • 6

    Module 3: Time for Harvest

    • Intro

    • Module 3: Session 1: There's Purpose in the Harvest

    • Module 3: Session 1: Self Assessment

    • Action Step

    • Intro

    • Module 3: Session 2: R.E.S.T. as You Wait for Harvest

    • Module 3: Session 2: Self Assessment

    • Action Step

  • 7

    Bonus: What Do You Value?


  • 8

    Next Steps...

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Your Instructors:
Damien and Kenady Nash

We Became Completely Single Before God Brought Us Together

We actually knew each other back in 2014. However, God had our eyes "blinded" so we could not see each other in a romantic light. Why? Because we were both a HOT mess. If we had of gotten into a relationship as dysfunctional as we both were, our relationship would have followed suit. God gave Damien #CompletelySingle to write and then had him sit down and read it for his own life. I, Kenady, read the book as well and was transformed by what I read. Once we both got Completely Single, God removed the blinders and connected us in 2018. We were able to have a healthy relationship that led to a healthy marriage because we were healthy individuals who put in the work to become the right one BEFORE the right one! We believe this can be a part of your story as well. We are so passionate about helping singles become healthy in their singleness, so they will have successful, godly relationships once God brings that special someone into their life. That's why we created this course to help individuals, like you, grow to become the right one before finding the right one. Won't you join us in becoming Completely Single?!


What are our students saying...

- “I have learnt so much from you both. I recently just started your Completely Single Course, and even from the first module, I have been able to identify changes I can already make.” R.C.

- “I didn’t know how to practically address any trauma from the past, and allow God to heal different areas of myself. I’ve only completed a couple of modules, and I already feel as though I know what steps I need to take, and I’m taking them to become my best for God’s Best!”

- “I love the Completely Single Course and I have learned so much about myself in the process.” E.P.

Completely Single Book

What are people saying about the book behind the course?

"I am amazed at the clarity and ingenuity that Damien has displayed in this book. He has captured deep insights into the struggle that various men and women go thru as they seek to understand their destiny in relationship and marriage." (Five Star Amazon Review)

"The book reflects the author's life and his ability to be authentic and show his vulnerabilities is what captivates. Many spiritual and Christian writers are not willing to show their humanity while bringing God's word to life." (Five Star Amazon Review)

"Love this book... This book helps you understand the importance of having a foundation in Christ and that through Him, you can establish successful relationships with others!!" (Five Star Amazon Review)

"I've been single now for about 3 1/2 years and took a break from "dating" after many potential relationships that kept going nowhere. I started noticing a trend and decided to just take a break to figure out what the root issue was...and then I purchased this book. Reading this was like a breath of fresh air... Now I boldly move forward to live a #CompletelySingle life!"(Amazon Five Star Review)


  • Who is the course for?

    This course was created for the person who is tired of the same cycles of failed relationships and wanting to take ownership of their part. This person is someone who is willing to put in the work to become the right one before finding the right one.

  • What type of course is this?

    This is a "Do It At Your Own Pace" course. You will have access to the course via online. This course coincides with the #CompletelySingle Book. It is based on biblical principles from a Christian view. The creators of this course believe that all relationship success hinges on how we view God and if we have a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.

  • How long will it take to complete this course?

    In this course, there are 3 modules with 2 sessions in each module (6 sessions in total). We encourage you to not rush through this process and take at least 1 week for each session, which will allow you time to read the chapter(s) for each session, go through the session, answer the self-assessments and allow God to continue to do a work in your heart. We know that everyone is in a different space and can go at a different pace. This is just our recommendation but again it's a "Do It At Your Own Pace" type of course!

  • Does this price include a copy of the book?

    This course includes a non-downloadable digital version of the book. If you would like a hard copy, you can purchase it from Amazon.

  • Does this course offer refunds?

    This course is 100% digital so there are no refunds. There are a few reasons why we decided to go this route. (1) We believe that if you are truly serious about making changes you will make this investment. (2) We also believe in commitment. And you will definitely need that in your future relationship. So are you ready to take a leap of faith? Are you committed? If so, this course is for you.

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